Friday, 1 April 2016

Resources for NaPoWriMo 2016

Here are some resources that might be useful I knocked together:

The Official NaPoWriMo Blog:

A few different writing prompt blogs/prompt generators in case the NaPoWriMo ones don't take your fancy: - imagination.prompt

A random word generator that can also be used for prompts:

Rhyming dictionaries:

A few Thesauruses (although if you can get hold of it I recommend Roget's Thesaurus):

A few inspirational videos:
Poets vs. Prose writers
Patti Smith: Advice for the young

Good playlists/albums to write to:
Sigur Ros
Earth (this is my favourite album, but Hibernaculum and Hex are good too)
Hawkwind (Chronicle of the Black Sword is also very good)

How-to's for various poetry forms (I also recommend the books Adventures In Form, and The Ode Less Travelled):
Villanelle (and alternative guide)
Sonnet (and another alternative guide)
Haiku (an intersting site for haikus) and Tanka (alternative guide)

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