Tuesday, 7 April 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Seven - I Is Window

You have untenanted me, in our
marriage that has faith but is

repellent, smouldering, faded,

turning a tint of orange –
a room I want opened but

you touch the door handle, touch
the airy floor as though ashamed,
guilt committed to action, provoking
me uncertain. The patches
in the paper around my head –
do they commit to reality my contradictions:

I feel like a draughty window.

Leave me be I say so proper because
it is my way to be real and
a nobody. And even if it’s serious

(my serious problem)

those rooms look like arms and he hides
in the cellar, because
to me windows is comfortable
which to him is an uncomfortable whim.

My soul is in this but
sensitive is nervous
suffer is suffer
he says so proper. So
angry and used I lie, as
we have already lied,
to our child (too much) because

I can read hedges like English.

Can a standing husband stomach it –
conditions less society and
presses rest and
finds me tired, with
nervous tendency
and and and
well personally, all congenial,
I disagree and

I exercise strength, and
eyes upside-down see
big arbours fashioned like
little shaded downy houses.

(Another found poem, this time based on 'The Yellow Wall-Paper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I wrote out every fourth word to create a block of nonsensical prose, picked out lines from that and then turned those lines into a poem. I can show a more detailed explanation/how to in a further post if people wish it.)

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