Tuesday, 7 April 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Seven - I Is Window

You have untenanted me, in our
marriage that has faith but is

repellent, smouldering, faded,

turning a tint of orange –
a room I want opened but

you touch the door handle, touch
the airy floor as though ashamed,
guilt committed to action, provoking
me uncertain. The patches
in the paper around my head –
do they commit to reality my contradictions:

I feel like a draughty window.

Leave me be I say so proper because
it is my way to be real and
a nobody. And even if it’s serious

(my serious problem)

those rooms look like arms and he hides
in the cellar, because
to me windows is comfortable
which to him is an uncomfortable whim.

My soul is in this but
sensitive is nervous
suffer is suffer
he says so proper. So
angry and used I lie, as
we have already lied,
to our child (too much) because

I can read hedges like English.

Can a standing husband stomach it –
conditions less society and
presses rest and
finds me tired, with
nervous tendency
and and and
well personally, all congenial,
I disagree and

I exercise strength, and
eyes upside-down see
big arbours fashioned like
little shaded downy houses.

(Another found poem, this time based on 'The Yellow Wall-Paper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I wrote out every fourth word to create a block of nonsensical prose, picked out lines from that and then turned those lines into a poem. I can show a more detailed explanation/how to in a further post if people wish it.)

Accidental NaPoWriMo Hiatus

I was away at a wedding over the weekend with limited internet access, so I'm going to give up days four, five and six for lost and just carry on from today.

Friday, 3 April 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Three - And Other Stories

Mother sold all her jewellery,
bargained for a siren
lullaby – couldn't stand
the silence of the night.

She told me how much the
water meant to her –

The lulling music
of the sea is
so fine it shadows the
birds that sing.”

– and that she loved it more
than me.

An echo of her silence-sickness,
I could not cope.

I rose to my feet,
walked to the shore,
stripped off my clothes
and gave myself to her sea.

I walked into the waves –
more ravenous each moment,
more cruel. Emitting her
same heavy sigh,
I sink into

Poor thing,
she passed away.
But the face
underneath this mask
of mourning
doesn't really care,

(Found Poem, made from Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'.)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Two - Untitled

I miss the meanders
in your fingers.

Not pre-configured
constellations, patterns
with expected destinations –

I miss the aimless asterismic
paths that left me

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

NaPoWriMo Day One - Gunnuhver


Thick geyser steam stinks like shit stinks like rotten eggs stinks like sulphur – stinks like hell. A land shades below civilisation where the houses have melted onto the rocks. Daughter of Belial – buried her once. Came back. Killed her once more. Won’t stay down, no. Won’t stay down. Doesn’t want to sleep. Named the geyser after her. After we threw her down it. Won’t stay down there though.

No need deep to dig,
Don’t plan long to sleep.

Stygian skies, low slow white and stinking. Her breath, seeping sulphurous clouds. Claustrophobic low slow white clouds. Not subtle enough to be glamour, not thin enough. This is too much. No sheerness, no frayed edges, no fae teasing. Brick shit house heavy and engulfing like grave dirt six feet deep. Five feet deep. Four feet deep. Three feet deep. Two feet deep. One foot deep.

No need deep to dig,
Don’t plan long to sleep.

Thick geyser steam, can’t see shit. The rain – the rain doesn’t help. The wind. Sometimes there’s a stooping shape. The wind whips it away. Did we see something – don’t know. Heat seeps through shoes, can’t stay still on the ochre clay or you stay stuck for good. Rubber melts quicker than houses.

No need deep to dig,
Don’t plan long to sleep.

New Beginnings and NaPoWriMo

Given this blog a quick re-haul - this is the first time I've been on it in a year or so. Tried to make it look a little more respectable if I'm going to use this as a writing blog.

I'll be attempting NaPoWriMo this year. The key word there is 'attempting'. We'll see how long it lasts.